About Ray Charles Patterson

For Ray Charles Patterson, it was the ultimate shock to discover that the old method of shining and buffing shoes – with a can, a rag, and human labor – was still the only option.

“I didn’t believe the shoe shiner in Vegas when he said it didn’t exist!” Ray explains, referring to his suggestion that the sweaty and straining shoe shiner get an electric device.

With this simple exchange, Ray started on a journey to find a portable, handheld shoeshine device… only to discover that a quality one didn’t exist yet. The only options on the market were a can of goop, which were messy and laborious, or a huge upright devices so over sized that they had to be stored in a home closet.

The Ray Charles Easy Shine™ Electric Shoe Polisher was created to help consumers “Look their best without the mess”.

The Ray Charles Easy Shine™ Electric Shoe Polisher is a small, handheld device that stands only 3 inches tall, plugs into a wall or car with USB port, and has an attachable sponge, brush and buffer pad. Patented and sleek, the device makes shining shoes so easy it’s hard to believe it didn’t exist until Ray Charles invented it.

Ray Charles Easy Shine Electric Shoe Polisher