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Ray Charles Easy Shine Electric Shoe Polisher
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Seeing this shoe polisher device in action I can only conclude that it’s by far the best option for anyone interested of having their shoes to “look their best without the mess”.

John Script
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I ordered this for my husband earlier this year. It turned out to be one of those gifts that we ended up using a lot. A few times a week at least. He raves about it, because it used to make a mess if he would try to polish his shoes before work ‘the old fashioned way’ as they say, and I use it on some of my coats. Since then I have purchased 2 more of these for my brother and father in law. So far everyone is happy with it.

Karen Seager
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Easy Shine is an excellent shoe polisher: It does the job quickly and quietly, which is a great advantage if others are sleeping or walls are thin. The polisher is soft and safe to use on other leathers as well, and comes in very handy removing dust and street residue from leather travel bags and briefcases. For traveling, it takes the worry out of wondering if the hotel will have a shoe cloth. Great product! Fantastic gift for men and women.

Shine On
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