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The is perfect shoe polishing kit for everyone who desires to maintain their shoes, boots and leather appearance in an effortless manner. It is our goal to have you looking your best without the mess!

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The Easy Shine™ Handheld Electric Shoe Polisher kit includes

A sponge, a brush, a buffer pad, a USB cord and a 110v adapter. This handheld electric shoe polisher has 3” long handle, a 3” diameter knob with a LED light. A rechargeable battery that's charged via USB port, making Easy Shine Handheld Electric Shoe Polisher kit great for travel or an addition to your brief case for shoe polishing on the go. The unit features  an ergonomic light weight design that contours to the shape of your hand to offer you ease of use and comfort while you polish or buff your shoes, boots or leathers. We designed the unit to not be clunky like the Beck Shoe Polisher and a lot easier to use than the long awkward shaped handheld electric shoe polishers on the market. It's our goal to keep your shoes looking their best with ease anywhere you go.

How To Use Easy Shine Handheld Electric Shoe Polisher

Apply paste to the sponge attachment, turn the shoe polisher on and apply it to the surface of your shoe, boot, or leather. Medium pressure is needed while you apply the shoe polish or shoe wax onto the surface the item you wish to polish. Next you will then apply the shoe polisher brush attachment. This allows you to penetrate the leather to get the scuffs marks and smooth out blemishes. The last attachment is the shoe buffer pad attachment . The buffer pad attachment polishes and shines  the shoe. Depending upon how shiny you want your shoe, boot or leather will determine how long you use the buffer pad. For best results, repeat this process once every two to three weeks.